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Slow Moving Vehicles Reminder

The Allegany County Sheriff’s Office, Ardent Solutions and Allegany County’s Slow Moving Vehicle Safety Advisory Board would like to remind motorists that with warmer weather arriving; drivers, especially in our rural areas, should keep an eye out for slow-moving vehicles such as farm equipment, road construction equipment and horse and buggies.  A slow-moving vehicle is described as one traveling 25 miles per hour or below and should have a Slow Moving Vehicle Emblem (SMVE) visibly displayed.

Motorist can stay safe by being alert for slow-moving vehicle emblems, reflectors, or flashing lights; slowing down when you see a slow-moving vehicle sign, passing with caution and by being aware of possible left-sided turns. Please remember you have to follow all applicable laws when approaching or passing a slow moving vehicle.

All residents are reminded that placing a “slow moving vehicle emblem” on a stationary object such as a tree or mailbox or on a vehicle that can travel in excess of 25mph are violations of the Vehicle and Traffic Law.

For further information about slow moving vehicles, please go to the following website: