Meeting Minutes

Board of Health

Broadband Task Force

Broadband Task Force
Chairman: Curtis Crandall
Task Force Members: Bigelow, Boyde, Curran, Dirlam, Evans, Fanton, Hooker, Pullen, Root, Zink

Human Services


Chairman: Steven Havey
Vice Chairman: Brooke Harris
Committee Members: Burdick, Graves, Ricci, Root, Stockin

Planning Board

Chairman: Aaron Dale Foster
Vice Chairman: Robert Thompson
Committee Members: P. Vandyke, J. Roederer, J. Gorton, J. Stoltzfus, J. Ninos, V. Perkins, J. Isaman, A. Joyce-Phelps, C. Jessup

Planning and Economic Development

Chairman: Deb Root
Vice Chairman: Gary Barnes
Committee Members: Burdick, Healy, Hopkins, Curran, Dibble, Ricci

Public Works

Resource Management

Chairman: David Decker
Vice Chairman: Karl Graves
Committee Members: Barnes, Dibble, Fanton, Harris

Special Budget

Sub-Committee of Ways & Means
Chairman: Brooke Harris
Vice Chairman: Philip Curran
Committee Members: Burdick, Fanton, Ricci, Stockin

Trails Task Force

Trails Task Force
Chair: Debra Root
Task Force Members: Clark, Decker, Dibble, Dirlam, Hanchett, Harris

Solid Waste Hearing Board