Allegany County Land Bank Corporation

Allegany County, in cooperation with the ACCORD Corporation and other neighborhood partners, has formed the Allegany County Land Bank Corporation (ACLBC).

In order to combat the problem of vacant and abandoned properties, ACLBC will be utilized by communities to facilitate the return of vacant, abandoned and tax-delinquent properties to productive use.

The primary focus of land bank operations is the acquisition of real property that is tax delinquent, tax foreclosed, vacant and/or abandoned, and to use the tools of the program to eliminate the harms and liabilities caused by such properties.

ACLBC will strategically manage selected residential and commercial properties that have been acquired.

The ACLBC will make it affordable for reputable consumers and developers to acquire properties at a reasonable cost, while also helping tenants and owners to keep properties that are in a threat of foreclose or other civil actions.

Allegany County is confronted daily on issues associated with abandoned, vacant and tax foreclosed properties. Please partner with the ACLBC to clean-up and secure our communities by notifying the ACLBC of properties that are abandoned, in disrepair, and/or in threat of foreclosure.

OUR MISSION- Combating the problem of vacant and abandoned properties in Allegany County, New York and facilitate the return of vacant, abandoned, and tax-delinquent properties to the tax role and productive use. Eliminating the harms and liabilities caused by vacant and abandoned properties. Making it affordable for reputable consumers and developers to acquire properties through strategic selection of properties.   Organizational Chart – The organizational chart of operations

Board of Directors

Brian Loucks – Chairman of the Board ACLBC

  • S.C.O.R.E. Certified Mentor

Timothy Boyde – Vice-Chairman, Board Member ACLBC

  • County Administrator, Allegany County

Darwin Fanton – Board Member ACLBC

  • Supervisor, Town of Wellsville (retired)

H. Kier Dirlam – Board Member ACLBC

  • Director of Planning, Allegany County

Jim Knapp – Board Member ACLBC

  • Steuben Trust Company

Board Meeting Information and Minutes

Board meetings are held on the third Monday of every month at 10 a.m. in the small conference room of the Crossroads Conference & Commerce Center at 6087 Transit Hill Rd. in Belmont, NY 14813. The Allegany County Land Bank will have a special meeting Wednesday November 28, 2018 at 2 pm at the Crossroads Center in Belmont NY. Questions may be directed to the Secretary of the Land Bank, Kier Dirlam at 585-268-7442. 2016 – Archived ACLBC Minutes 2017 – Archived ACLBC Minutes 2018- January 2018- February 2018- March 2018- April 2018- May 2018- June 2018-July 2018- August 2018- September 2018-October 2018-November



Governance Committee

Governance Committee Charter

Members: Darwin Fanton [chair], Jim Knapp, H. Kier Dirlam

Meeting Minutes

GovCommittee Minutes Jan 2018 GovCommittee Minutes Feb 2018


GovCommittee Annualreport 2017 Board Evaluation 2017    

Audit Committee

Audit Committee Charter

Members: Tim Boyde [chair], Darwin Fanton, Jim Knapp 

Meeting Minutes


PARIS Investment Report 2017 Signed

Finance Committee

Finance Committee Charter

Members: Kier Dirlam [chair], Tim Boyde, Jim Knapp

Meeting Minutes



Generally, land banks are funded in a variety of ways. Revenue streams may come from property sales, grants, or general fund appropriations from local and county governments. Allegany County Land Bank Corporation is currently funded solely through grant programs in the start up process. The following grants were received in 2016 and 2017, to date.

  • Office of Attorney General Grant for Start Up, 2016 – $150,000
    • Total award received
  • Community Partnerships Incentives Grant, 2016 – $10,000
    • Total award received
  • Office of Attorney General Community Revitalization Initiative Grant, 2017 – $360,000
    •  Disbursement of funds expected July 2017
    • 28% of the amount requested in the grant application is the rewarded amount shown.

2017 Adopted Certified Budget 2018 Adopted Certified Budget 2017 Independent Audit- Allegany Co Land Bank Corp Final FS 2017 2019 Adopted Certified Budget 

Donate a Property to the Land Bank

Contractor Resources

Contractor Application For Approval – Application for approved status to work on Land Bank properties Best Practices – A guide for inspecting, securing, and maintaining vacant and abandoned properties in New York State

Homebuyer Resources

Property Purchase Application– Application to buy properties from the Land Bank Side Lot Application – Application to purchase vacant land adjacent to buyer’s property Click the municipality below for a summary of services, local contacts, and maps Alfred                     Allen                       Alma Almond                Amity                    Andover Angelica                Belfast                  Birdsill Burns                    Bolivar                Caneadea Centerville            Clarksville             Cuba Friendship            Genesee              Granger Grove                     Hume                 Independence New Hudson        Rushford             Scio Ward                     Wellsville             West Almond  Willing                    Wirt                      Richburg

Contact Us

Allegany County Land Banks Corporation

Jeff Stager, Business and Community Development Director, ACCORD Corporation Jason Isaman, Community Development Specialist, ACCORD Corporation Email: Mailing Address Allegany County Land Banks Corporation Crossroads Commerce and Conference Center 6087 NYS Route 19N, Suite 300 Belmont, NY 14813 Office Address Allegany County Land Banks Corporation Crossroads Commerce and Conference Center 6087 NYS Route 19N, Suite 160 Belmont, NY 14813 Phone: 585.268.7080 Office Hours: M-TH 8:00-4:30 / F 8:00-3:30 The ACLBC office is located at the Crossroads Conference Center on New York State Route 19 just north of the Interstate 86 exit 30.

Thank You To All Of Our Community Partners