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 Tax Sale Seminar Date: March 12th 2019 Time: 6:00Pm

Seminar Information 

 Auction Date: May 4Th 2019 Registration: 8:30Am Auction: 9:30Am

Genesee Valley Central School
High School Gymnasium
1 Jaguar Drive
Belmont, NY 14813

Tax Auction books are sold in the Allegany County Treasurer’s Office & the Wellsville Municipal Building
(See a complete list of the properties to be sold in the next section below.)

Books available After March 1st. 

Bid Form 

Terms and Conditions


Terri L. Ross
Allegany County Treasurer

Joseph L. Budinger
Director of Real Property

Sandy Dennison
446 Whitney Valley Heights
Almond, NY 14804

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-2019 Allegany County Delinquent Real Property Tax Auction List-

Serial #MunicipalityTax Map #School DistrictLocationFormer Owner(s)Vacant land
17-10Alfred (T)151.-1-18Alfred Almond1474 Terbury RdBarber Larry L
17-24Alfred (T)151.-1-8.1Alfred Almond6303 Palmiter RdPalmiter Kevin / Palmiter Patricia A
17-40Allen82.-1-18.13Genesee Valley4216 Holdridge RdSMB Investments LLC
17-67Alma262.6-1-19Scio5827 St Rt 417County of Allegany (fka Grover)
17-77Alma301.-1-30Wellsville5910 Co Rd 18Greenman Christina (aka Greeman)
17-86Alma262.-1-6.21ScioSt Rt 417Madrazo Forrest & Felix
17-133Almond (T)111.-1-2.5Alfred AlmondRyan RdCorey David R / Corey Penny E
17-161Amity (V)171.20-1-21.1Genesee ValleyWhitney AvePettit Mark / Gambino Peter
17-219Andover (T)216.-1-9Andover3864 Swain Hill RdCounty of Allegany (fka Button)
17-220Andover (T)228.-1-3.2Andover2295 St Rt 417Chind Richard A
17-231Andover (T)216.-1-75Andover3860 Swain Hill RdHurlburt Duane / Rhodes Pamela R
17-325Belfast142.-1-70Belfast7741 Searles RdJuke Thaddeus J / Juke Elizabeth
17-342Belfast105.9-1-6Belfast81 W Hughes StTruax Lisa
17-349Birdsall58.-1-30CanaseragaCounty Road 16Westfield Dawn (fka Grambeck Dawn)
17-359Birdsall71.-1-20.2Canaseraga3008 Hiltonville RdMcGregor Mary P / Knies David L
17-367Bolivar (V)259.20-1-54Bolivar RichburgBoss StAdams Bernard
17-400Bolivar (V-R)260.6-1-18Bolivar Richburg67 S Main StOlejniczak Thomas
17-406Bolivar (T)286.-1-41.122Bolivar RichburgMead Hollow RdBarry David / Barry Aries David
17-407Bolivar (T)286.-1-87Bolivar RichburgHorse Run RdBates Bennie
17-408Bolivar (T)286.-1-32Bolivar RichburgHorse Run RdBates Bennie & Virginia
17-409Bolivar (T)286.-1-31Bolivar RichburgHorse Run RdBates Bennie & Virginia
17-426Bolivar (T)299.-1-15.6Bolivar Richburg6777 Co Rd 18Filer Andrew
17-429Bolivar (T)261.-1-47.11Scio6661 Phillips Hill RdGriswold Chad & Amanda
17-431Bolivar (T)277.-3-27.2Bolivar RichburgSt Rt 417 WHatch Aaron
17-432Bolivar (T)277.-3-27.3Bolivar RichburgSt Rt 417 WHatch Aaron
17-482Burns (V)34.19-1-33Canaseraga4 Depot StNeetz Jeannette
17-578Clarksville218.-2-23Cuba Rushford9386 Morris Ln / Wolf Crk RdDiGiulio Michael J Sr
17-592Clarksville206.-1-31.42Bolivar Richburg9605 Davis RdKaczmarczyk Peter/Kaczmarczyk Nancy A
17-600Clarksville205.-1-48.1Cuba RushfordWitter RdMealey Ethel Damiani V/Thomas Damiani
17-643.2Cuba (T)179.-1-45.22Cuba Rushford4685 Prospect St RdPierce Keith
17-659Cuba (T)167.-1-16.4Cuba Rushford9056 Gross RdJoy Ralph / Joy Tammy
17-667Cuba (T)153.-1-59.1Cuba Rushford5597 Smith RdLoghmaniah Rahmat
17-673Cuba (T)180.-1-21.341Cuba Rushford8731 Bump RdRosenberger Debora
17-674Cuba (T)168.-1-16.2Cuba RushfordHubbell Hill Rd NRose William C II
17-684Friendship182.12-2-36Friendship40 W Water StBarrett Donald L
17-689Friendship182.15-1-40.1Friendship80 W Main StBickford Donald Jr / Bickford Rose
17-701Friendship182.7-1-41Friendship39 Queen Ann StCounty of Allegany (fka KCBD Int’l)
17-702Friendship182.11-2-44Friendship11 Maple AveCross Denise
17-703Friendship182.12-1-24.1Friendship51 E Main StCuba Community Development Corp
17-705Friendship182.11-2-14Friendship1 W Main StCuba Community Development Corp
17-715Friendship170.-1-14.13Genesee ValleyCounty Rd 20Goss Dennis
17-717Friendship157.-1-19.12Genesee Valley6047 W Hess RdGoss Dennis
17-725Friendship182.-1-91FriendshipSleepy Hollow RdHurd Steven M
17-742Friendship182.11-2-68Friendship24 Maple AveRapino Geraldine
17-775Genesee284.-1-48Bolivar Richburg627 Sanford Hollow RdBaker William
17-842Genesee283.-1-7.2Portville844 Butternut Brook RdWilsey Maureen L
17-850Granger43.-1-15.1KeshequaSchneider RdBentley Gordon
17-855Granger7.-1-25FillmoreCo Rd 15Esposito Michael
17-933Hume26.-1-52FillmoreCounty Road 23Myers Donald P
17-946Independence295.5-1-32.1Whitesville888 Co Rd 19Allen William
17-960Independence295.5-2-46Whitesville869 Co Rd 19Johanson Judy
17-970Independence295.-1-10.12Whitesville809 Snow RdPayne Thomas L
17-971Independence295.-1-24.25WhitesvilleSnow RdPowers Michelle & Michael
17-972Independence282.-1-25WhitesvilleHeselton Gully RdRemein Jan
17-1064Scio249.-1-36Scio5753 Bolivar RdBillings Bradley & Lynne
17-1088Scio224.-1-35Scio3263 Knights Creek RdJefferds Cindy L
17-1093Scio199.18-3-58Scio3954 Nickerson AveLewis Angela
17-1096Scio224.-1-30.2ScioKnights Creek RdMiddaugh Phillip D Jr / Jefferds Cindy L
17-1099Scio249.-1-8.12Scio5788 Wolf Spring RdOliveras Lynn M
17-1121Ward162.-1-12Alfred Almond5961 Decker RdDodge David A
17-1124Ward161.-1-29Genesee ValleySt Rte 244Madison McKinley Corp
17-1141Wellsville (V)239.10-1-23Wellsville297 E Dyke StBurdick Jason L
17-1165Wellsville (V)239.14-2-52Wellsville277 S Main StGiddings Gary W
17-1170Wellsville (V)239.9-2-22Wellsville172 E State StHainey Timothy
17-1171Wellsville (V)239.9-2-23Wellsville178 E State StHainey Timothy & Georgette
17-1260Wellsville (T)238.7-1-17Wellsville2876 Sheridan AveNathan Clark, LLC
17-1265Wellsville (T)226.19-1-5Wellsville3474 East Side AvePfuntner Robert J
17-1292Willing292.3-1-32.2Wellsville282 St Rt 19Button Charles
17-1299Willing292.3-1-21Wellsville407A St Rt 19Geffers Raymond & Debra
17-1314Willing305.-1-63WellsvilleHawks RdMickey’s Fishery, Inc
17-1320Willing266.1-1-28.3WellsvilleHallsport RdSmith Thomas F / Smith Ruth A
17-1335Wirt (T)234.-1-34.1Bolivar Richburg2487St Rt 275/ E Notch RdBishop Richard J / Bishop Molly N
17-1358Wirt (T)208.-1-43.32Bolivar Richburg7474-C Blaine RdQuast Arthur W
17-1364Wirt (T)246.-3-22.21Bolivar RichburgCo Rd 40Smith Andrew


County Treasurer

Terri L. Ross

Deputy County Treasurer

Jenna L. Kelley


7 Court St., Room 134, Belmont, New York 14813

Phone: 585.268.9289
Fax: 585.268.7506

September – May 9:00am – 5:00pm
June, July & August 8:30am – 4:00pm



Closed Dates: Memorial Day


Village Clerks 

Town Assessors

School Tax Collectors

Town & County Tax Collectors

Tax Schedule:

Seen below are the months in which the specified bill should arrive and is payable without interest.

  • Village – June                                     
  • School – September                         
  • Town & County – January          

If you have moved make sure to make address changes with the assessor for the town in which your property/ properties are located. Address changes do take time and is up to the property owner to call and make changes. If you haven’t received your bill you must contact the collector for a copy of the bill you seek to pay.

*All delinquent taxes are payable to the Allegany County Treasurer


Property Search

2017 Delinquent Property Tax redemption date closed.

Final date of Redemption was January 15th 2019.

If you have questions or concerns contact our office.

Delinquent tax auction was May 4th 2019.

Community College Information

Certificate of Residency Application 

When can you submit your application?

No earlier than 60 Days prior to first day of the semester.

No later than 45 Days after first day of semester.

Do you qualify?

You must be a New York State Resident for one year.

Certificates may pro-rated between counties if you have not lived in Allegany County for six consecutive months.

For non-citizen applications please call or stop in the office.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~Frequently Asked Questions~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • May I pay my oldest delinquent tax bill first?
  • How can I apply for an exemption?
    • Contact your local town assessor for application process.
  • Questions on property assessments?
    • The local town assessor is the best person to contact.
  • Where do I change mailing address or name on a property?
    • If a name chance occurs due to: marriage, divorce, or death, the assessor can make updates to names for the assessment/tax roll only.
    • If you need to change mailing address call local town assessor.
    • For legal changes in owner(s) or legal modification of owner name requires contacting the County Clerk’s Office.

There are several ways in which you can pay your taxes!


—Personal Check

—Money Order

—Bank Check

*Now enjoy the convenience & flexibility of credit card payments for fees and taxes. Payment service provided by:
Xpress-pay   &  Official Payments Corp
(Additional site fee applied per transaction)