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Solid Waste Department

Timothy Palmiter
Recycling Coordinator

Phone: 585.268.7282
Fax: 585.268.9169

6006 County Road 48
Angelica, NY 14709

Phone: 585.268.5400
Fax: 585.268.9169

Wayne Marvin
Landfill Supervisor

Mattress Disposal

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What Do I Do With This?

What’s Recyclable/What’s Trash



Cardboard Boxes – including cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc.
Mixed Papers – including newspaper, magazines, lined paper, computer paper, copy paper, fax paper, junk mail, colored paper, gift wrap, etc.
– all papers can be mixed together.


As a general rule, any paper product that has been coated with wax or contaminated with food, paint or other substances, cannot be recycled. padded mailing envelopes; manila envelopes or folders; powder detergent boxes; milk cartons; juice boxes; dog food bags, gift bows.



All plastic containers, bottles and jugs with #1 – #7 on the bottom including but not limited to: milk, and water jugs; laundry detergent containers; shampoo & hair care containers; yogurt & butter tubs.  All containers should be clean with lids removed.


Some plastic items that are not recyclable include: Styrofoam; plastic bags; food wrappers; toys



Most of the metal cans we use every day are recyclable.  Recycle steel, tin and aluminum cans, soup cans, pet food cans, fruit and veggie cans, juice cans, etc.  Remove the labels and rinse clean.  Flattening is optional.  Remember to include metal lids from glass or plastic containers.


Aerosol cans, aluminum foil, pie tins or trays



All glass containers that are clear, green or brown; mayonnaise jars; fruit juice jars; jam and jelly jars; etc. Just rinse and discard lids.


Plates, dishes and china; drinking glasses and glassware; pottery; light bulbs; broken glass. Glass containing lead such as auto glass cannot be recycled