County Clerk

Court Filings


Beginning May 26, 2020, the Supreme & County Courts of Allegany County are now accepting most civil action filings, with the exception of certain foreclosure and money judgment filings.

Allegany County does NOT have E-Filing and does NOT participate in the Electronic Document Delivery System (EDDS). We are accepting documents brought in-person or by mail ONLY!

If you are unsure if your document is allowed to be filed, feel free to call our office at (585) 268-9270 between 8:30 AM and 12:00 PM.

If you have questions about scheduling, etc., please contact the Allegany County Supreme Court at (585) 449-3416.

Starting an Action

To commence an action in Supreme & County Courts, an “Application for Index Number” must be submitted with your initial documents. Click “Application For Index Number” for a blank, printable application.


The County Clerk’s office does not have forms! You or your attorney must prepare all forms for filing. County Clerk staff cannot assist, as we do not give legal advice.

For Do-It-Yourself (DIY) forms, please visit the NY Courts website, here.

Uncontested Divorce DIY Program

Please visit the NY Courts website to begin the DIY program for Uncontested Divorce, here.

Name Change DIY Program

Please visit the NY Courts website to begin the DIY program for Adult Name Change, here.

Please visit the NY Courts website to begin the DIY program for Child Name Change, here.


Please consult our Fee Schedule here.

Divorce Copies

Divorce actions are sealed records in New York State. As such, we need to verify your identity before distributing any divorce copies. For in-person transactions, simply bring a valid photo ID to our office. For mail-in transactions, please submit a notarized letter stating that you (or an individual authorized by you) are requesting a copy of your divorce record. Fees for a plain copy are $0.65 per page/$1.30 minimum. Fees for a certified copy are $1.25 per page/$5.00 minimum.

Legal Assistance

The County Clerk’s office does not give legal advice. We suggest that you consult an attorney for assistance.

Below are some helpful links to find legal help in your area: