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 There will be a countywide Primary on June 23rd-Democratic Presidential Primary & Libertarian State Committee Person Primary. The Town of Alma will also have a primary for County Committee for the Republican Committee Members. Any one choosing the option to vote in person will be required to wear a mask-one will be provided if you do not have one. You are asked that if you have recently been exposed, traveled outside of the country or are showing signs of Covid-19 that you contact the Board of Elections so we can assist you in other options.

1. ALL  voters that are eligible for the upcoming June Primary should receive a yellow card in the mail letting you know that you are eligible for an Absentee Ballot along with the other options you have to vote if you choose not to vote via mail.( If you did not-something is wrong with your voter address-call the BOE). If you choose to vote via mail cut along the dotted line-date & sign the card-only put an address on the card if it’s DIFFERENT that where you received the yellow card-there is a bar code on the card that allows us to track the original address.  The ONLY reason to send this card back is when you CHOOSE to vote by paper ballot-when you mail it back saying No Thanks it costs the county postage

2. EARLY VOTING-You have the option to vote at our office in Belmont during Early Voting. You will be required to wear a mask-one will be provided if you do not have one of your own. We will ask that if you have been exposed to Covid-19, traveled out of the country or are showing signs of Covid to please make arrangements for the Absentee Ballot for the safety of all those around you. The Early Voting hours begin on June 13th-a link can be found below with all of our days & hours for your use-under Voter Information.

3. VOTE IN PERSON-There will be Central Polling Sites for your use-Please use refer to the locations on your yellow card or refer to the link below found under Voter Information. Poll Sites will be open at 6am-9pm.  There will be strict guidelines at each site. We will be limited to the number of people allowed in the building-you may be asked to wait in your car until a spot opens for voting. A mask MUST be worn-one will be provided if you do not have one. We will ask that if you have been exposed to Covid-19, traveled out of the country or are showing signs of Covid to please make arrangements for the Absentee Ballot for the safety of all those around you.

June Primary Central Poll Site Locations

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8 Willets Ave
Belmont, NY 14813

(behind the former St. Phillips Episcopal Church)

Phone: 585-268-9295
Phone: 585-268-9294

Office Hours:
Monday- Friday:   8:30am-4:00pm -during the Covid-19 Crisis appointments are necessary-please call ahead.

The Allegany County Board of Elections is responsible for the honest and efficient operations of all National, State, County, City, and Local elections in our County. The Board insures that all eligible County citizens are offered an opportunity to register and vote; to maintain a complete and accurate voter file of all the registered voters in Allegany County area; to insure that the integrity of the balloting process is maintained throughout Allegany County; to enforce all provisions of the New York State Election Law.


Michael J. McCormick

Barbara Broughton
Deputy Commissioner

Phone: 585.268.9295



Brent L. Reynolds

Marcy Crawford
Deputy Commissioner

Phone: 585.268.9294

Voter Information

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