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Last updated on April 3, 2020 02:42 pm

This page provides information by district. When new information becomes available the links will be updated. In any event, you should always try to verify information is up to date with the specific municipality and follow any direction given during a State of Emergency.

Legislative District 1 March 12 23 – Centerville, Hume, Granger, Rushford, Caneadea, Belfast, Angelica

Legislative District 2 March 12 28 – New Hudson, Cuba, Centerville, Friendship, Amity, Ward

Legislative District 3 March 12 19 – Wirt, Scio, Genesee, Bolivar, Alma, Willing, Independence

Legislative District 4 March 12 April 3 – Wellsville, Andover

Legislative District 5 March 12 23 – Alfred, West Almond, Almond, Birdsall, Allen, Burns, Grove