COVID-19 / Coronavirus Information and Updates

Reopening Allegany County

Employers in certain regions across New York began re-opening on May 15, in accordance with Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.31 and satisfaction of required COVID-19 metrics. 

Allegany County, part of the Western New York Region, will begin re-opening on Tuesday, May 19.  Whether your business is an existing  “essential business” that is continuing its current operations, a Phase 1 business that is re-opening, or a Phase 2,3, or 4 business preparing for a future re-opening, your business is required to prepare a COVID-19 Re-Opening Health and Safety Plan and have it available for review at the time of re-opening.  The current Phase 1 guidance states that there will be no waivers from this requirement.  In developing their plans, employers must also consider the implications of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.  

View the regional monitoring dashboard to see where all regions in New York State stand in the Regional Reopening Plan.

Businesses currently operating as essential must also follow the procedures New York State established. Please go to “Sector Guides” for this information. If you do not see your sector information in the link, be patient. New York State has just begun to release the guides.

We have submitted a draft plan for reopening our county to the Lt. Governor.  This, along with business sector guidance plans are provided below.  You’ll also find a variety of links that our local businesses can look at for additional information.  The documents that are provided by Allegany County are as complete as we can provide at this time.  We encourage you to monitor changes in your business type that may impact what you are expected to do and comply with.  You are still required to comply with permitting agencies related to your business such as the Allegany County Health Department or New York State entities such as the Department of Labor, Liquor Authority or Ag and Markets.  When in doubt refer to the CDC, OSHA, NYS Department of Labor and other regulatory sites for guidance as it will continue to change.

Allegany County has been working with our local businesses, schools of higher education and government officials [known as the Economic Development Steering Committee]  to develop useful information that will help guide our businesses in their efforts to reopen.  We are also working closely with our representatives including Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul who heads up the WNY Regional group that will determine what and when we can reopen businesses.

Re-Open Frequently Asked Questions

ESD Essential Employer FAQ 033120

File a Complaint – Individuals can file complaints regarding the operation of businesses or gatherings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through an online form or by calling 1-833-789-0470.

Please email us if you have any questions or comments related to reopening in Allegany County. Someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

Request for Designation as Essential – ONLY businesses who have determined that they are NOT essential under the guidance should complete this online form. Essential business designation comes from Executive Order 202.6  that was issued in March by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Press Release: May 19, 2020 05 19 20 Re Opening Plans Allegany County Press Release

Press Release: May 14, 2020 05 14 20 Reopening Allegany County Press Release

Phased Plan to Reopen

Five Core Actions: Social Distancing, Cloth Face Coverings, Proper Hand-washing, Cleaning Surfaces, Stay Home if Sick or You are Instructed to Isolate/Quarantine by a Medical or Public Health Professional

On April 26, 2020, Governor Cuomo announced a series of regional guidelines that must be met in order to reopen New York State.  A description of the guidelines can be found here.  The reopening will take place through a series of four phases implemented on a regional basis. Allegany County is located in the Western New York region.  View the regional monitoring dashboard to see where all regions in New York State stand in the Regional Reopening Plan.

If you’re not sure what phase you should re-open in, please follow this link and answer a few questions to find out.

The four phases are broken down by industry sector and are as follows:

Phase 1:

  • Manufacturing (other than those considered essential)
  • Construction (other than those considered essential)
  • Campgrounds (gathering or communal activities/amenities must remain closed)
  • Any motor vehicle or equipment sales/service (by appointment)
  • Golf courses with single rider carts (double occupancy, if same household)
  • Full service lawn and landscaping maintenance
  • Automobile and equipment sales (by appointment only)
  • Routine veterinary care
  • Medical Services defined by physical, occupational, chiropractic or speech rehabilitation
  • All physician services
  • Drive-in movie theaters as long as concession services remain take-out and single-user restrooms are monitored
  • Other retail establishments with single operators, using curbside pickup only
  • Government sector
  • Public and private parks

Phase 2:

  • Personal care businesses to include salons (hair and nail), barbershops, spas, massage and tattoo shops.**
  • Places of worship (capacity restricted to 50%, non-contact and distancing mandatory)**
  • Professional services
  • Finance and insurance
  • Retail
  • Administrative support
  • Real estate and rental leasing
  • Pet services to include grooming (staff cannot exceed 50% of original level)
  • Funeral homes (capacity restricted to 50%)

Phase 3:

  • Hotels and accommodations
  • Gyms, fitness centers and exercise facilities or classes (capacity restricted to 50%)
  • Indoor entertainment venues such as movie theaters, amusement centers, bowling alleys or other recreation areas (capacity restricted to 50%)
  • Outdoor recreation areas such as public playgrounds (capacity restricted to 50%)
  • Restaurants, event centers or professionally-owned and operated large gathering venues (capacity restricted to 150 persons)
  • Events, parties or celebrations not held at a professionally-owned or operated facility (capacity restricted to 50 persons)
  • Yard sales or other non-essential retail such as “flea” markets or craft sales (social distancing required)

Phase 4:

  • Arts,
  • Entertainment and
  • Remaining recreation may reopen.
  • Education is sometimes included in Phase 4 but no clarification has been made on this issue currently

It is important to note that these phase details could change throughout the process. If a region is unable to maintain the criteria threshold for re-opening the Governor may decide to make changes or even shut down again. 

** Our plan is to comply with the phasing that New York State has developed. Personal services and places of worship have been hard to identify. Both have been mentioned in phase 2 and phase 3. As soon as it is clear, we will update our phases here.

Sector Guides

New York State has created NY Forward, a guide to reopening New York and building back better.

Sector guides can be found here. Not all guides are complete. These are defined by phase and there is a guide for each industry. As a business, whether considered essential or not, you must:

  • Review the summary guidelines provided
  • Read and affirm that you are in compliance with the detailed guidelines; and
  • Print the business safety plan template that is provided.


Additional Links to Guidelines and Safety Protocols

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