Tax Sale

Tax Sale

Allegany County Delinquent Real Property Tax Auction

Saturday, April 29, 2017
8:30 registration
9:30 auction

Genesee Valley Central School
High School Gymnasium

1 Jaguar Drive
Belmont, NY 14813

Bid Form
Buyer Info Seminar – March 14

Terri L. Ross
Allegany County Treasurer

Joseph L. Budinger
Director of Real Property

Sandy Dennison

451 Whitney Valley Heights,
Almond, NY 14804


2017 Tax Sale List

Serial #MunicipalityTax Map #School DistrictLocationFormer OwnerVacant Land
15-27Alfred (T)177.-1-17.13Alfred-AlmondGreen Rd.Sinicki, AndrewX
15-85Alma262.6-1-19Scio5827 St. Rt. 417County of Allegany
fka Grover
15-98Alma263.-1-56.1WellsvilleCo. Rd. 18Mesler, Warren
Mesler, Heather
15-117Almond (V)126.7-2-41Alfred-Almond59 Main St.Schultz, Travis W
15-130Almond (T)126.14-1-11Alfred-Almond386 McHenry Valley Rd.Barney, Gerald
15-132Almond (T)139.-1-65Alfred-Almond6621 Whitford Rd.Brown, Mary AX
15-164Amity (V)172.17-1-5Genesee Valley9 Pike Ave.Ritter, Verna B
15-201Amity (T)185.-1-12.43Genesee Valley4698 Plumbottom Rd.County of Allegany
fka Phillips
15-215Andover (V)216. 14-2-86AndoverMaple St.County of Allegany
fka Foster
15-235Andover (T)216.-1-67AndoverGrove St.Bryan, Marilyn
Bryan, George H
15-250Andover (T)216.-1-77AndoverBaker St. Ext.Herring, HarrietX
15-271Andover (T)216.-1-68Andover1363 Dyke RdLutgen, John R
15-273Andover217.-1-26.5Andover641-2 St. Rt. 417Miller, Arthur
Miller, Lou Ann
15-321Angelica (T)108.-1-4.2Genesee Valley4479 East Rd.Grimes, Terry
Grimes, Diane T
15-323Angelica (T)108.-1-25.4Genesee Valley7655 Common Rd.Krause, Michael W
15-348Belfast131.-1-6.2Belfast6848 County Rd. 17Adams, Ray D
15-389Belfast143.-1-19Belfast6925 Tibbetts Hill Rd.Southworth, Patrick L
Southworth, Jessica L
15-399Belfast104.-1-10.1Belfast6962 Gleason Hill Rd.Wroblewski, Thomas
Wroblewski, James & Billy
15-418Bolivar (V)260.13-1-49Bolivar-Richburg121 North Main St.Beckhorn, Dana R
15-419Bolivar (V)260.17-5-59Bolivar-Richburg138 Olean St.County of Allegany
fka Big Valley Properties
15-443Bolivar (V)260.13-1-14Bolivar-Richburg142 Main St.Jones, James B
Jones, Cynthia M
15-444Bolivar (V)260.17-1-26Bolivar-Richburg57 Liberty St.Jones, James B
Jones, Cynthia M
15-483Bolivar (T)260.-1-61.12Bolivar-Richburg30 North Main St.Giordani, NancyX
15-498Bolivar (T)287.-1-29.1Bolivar-RichburgCo. Rd. 33Kennemuth, Steven RX
15-510Bolivar (T)261.-1-56Bolivar-RichburgSt. Rt. 417 EPhillips, Veronica LX
15-528Burns (V)34.20-2-19Canaseraga6 Miller St.County of Allegany
fka Hoffman
15-536Burns (V)34.19-1-41Canaseraga18 Bennett St.Glover, Richard O
Glover, Judith L
15-538Burns (V)34.20-2-2Canaseraga43 Main St.Hoffman, Bernard F
15-539Burns (V)34.20-2-3Canaseraga41 Main St.Hoffman, Bernard F
15-574Caneadea91.2-1-39Belfast8391 State Rt. 19Bentley, Clayton & Jean
Fontana, Richard
15-597Caneadea78.13-1-9Belfast7411 Mill St.Hosmer, EurrialX
15-682Clarksville206.-1-25.2Bolivar-Richburg8489 Co. Rd. 1Perkins, John P
15-733Cuba (V)179.7-4-78Cuba-Rushford31 Bishop St.Southern Specialty Properties
15-752Cuba (T)153.5-1-11Cuba-Rushford87 Clark Div.Forrest, Edward JX
15-796Friendship182.7-1-37Friendship53 Linwood Ave.County of Allegany
fka Chalker
15-806Friendship182.7-1-38Friendship51 Linwood Ave.County of Allegany
Fka Jones
15-824Friendship182.11-2-37Friendship25 North Maple Ave.County of Allegany
fka Hadsell
15-835Friendship182.7-1-41Friendship39 Queen Anne StCounty of Allegany
fka KBCD International LLC
15-843Friendship182.8-1-13Friendship39 Depot St.McCarthy, Thomas L
McCarthy, Debbie M
15-850Friendship182.-1-25.4Friendship6832-12 County Rd. 31O'Daniel, Bridget
15-854Friendship182.7-1-39.1Friendship40 W Queen Ann St Sadler, Rock L
15-878Friendship182.11-1-9Friendship9 Linwood AveZinck, Michelle L
15-885Genesee297.-1-14.11Bolivar-RichburgRt. 417Carmody, MartinX
15-916Genesee296.20-1-26Bolivar-RichburgLow St.Lehman, Mervin DX
15-967Granger41.-3-2.31Fillmore5961 Co. Rd. 4Fiebelkorn, John
Fiebelkorn, Juanita
15-969Granger30.-1-11.152KeshequaOld State RdHarris, Charles KX
15-978Granger8.-1-25.120KeshequaKemp-Shaw RdRojas, LeoX
15-979Granger8.-1-25.124KeshequaKemp-Shaw RdRojas LeoX
15-982Granger19.-1-10KeshequaOld State RdSteinbarth, Mark A
Zimmer, Rick E
15-993Grove22.17-1-17.3Canaseraga2232 Co. Rd. 24County of Allegany
fka Scott
15-1025Hume27.10-1-11Fillmore49 Emerald St.Burrows, Leonard KX
15-1047Hume26.15-1-2Fillmore10810 Claybed Rd.Peterson, Melvin CX
15-1064Hume3.-3-9FillmoreTrall RdWichlacz, Mary
Fenner, Paul
15-1081Independence294.8-1-30Whitesville637 Main St.Hall, Carolyn
15-1098Independence295.-1-25Whitesville718 Snow Rd.Stewart, Sterling A
Stewart, Patricia J
15-1099Independence308.-1-11Whitesville441 South Hill RdEstate of Eugene Totten Jr
13-1086Rushford77.9-1-7Cuba-Rushford8816 Balcom Beach Rd.Krzyanowski, Margaret
15-1205Scio212.-1-35.22Scio3504 Riverside Dr.Allegany Housing Opportunities LLC
15-1251Scio249.3-1-16.1Scio5800 Bolivar Rd.County of Allegany
fka Prentice
15-1290Wellsville (V)239.9-1-25Wellsville161 E State St.Atilla, Tarik
15-1291Wellsville (V)239.9-1-24Wellsville157 E State St.County of Allegany
fka Atilla
15-1296Wellsville (V)239.5-1-47Wellsville296 Scott AveButton, Etelka L
15-1297Wellsville (V)225.20-1-85Wellsville43 Oconner St.Carter, Lionel C
15-1299Wellsville (V)239.14-3-38WellsvilleS Franklin StCavanaugh, Mark W
Cavanaugh, Rebecca A
15-1300Wellsville (V)239.5-2-11WellsvilleOff Sunset AveCeglia, PaulX
15-1305Wellsville (V)239.5-3-25.1Wellsville179 Madison St.Cline, Roddy D
15-1320Wellsville (V)238.16-2-78WellsvilleOff King StCounty of Allegany
fka Peterson
15-1321Wellsville (V)239.9-1-37Wellsville249 E State St.County of Allegany
fka Becker
15-1322Wellsville (V)239.9-1-32Wellsville213 E State St.County of Allegany
fka Matson
15-1338Wellsville (V)225.20-2-79WellsvilleScott AveGiles, Richard L
Giles, Linda L
15-1342Wellsville (V)239.5-3-31Wellsville185 Scott AveGreenspring Properties LLC
15-1348Wellsville (V)238.16-1-3Wellsville46 N Highland AveHerring, Carol L
15-1364Wellsville (V)238.16-1-53Wellsville363 W State St.Myriad Inc., LLC
15-1379Wellsville (V)238.11-1-54Wellsville135 Howard St.County of Allegany
fka Szot
15-1383Wellsville (V)238.16-2-44Wellsville79 Clark St.Torres, EdwinX
15-1386Wellsville (V)238.11-1-4WellsvilleN Highland AveL C Whitford Co IncX
15-1387Wellsville (V)238.11-1-2WellsvilleN Highland AveL C Whitford Co IncX
15-1413Wellsville (T)239.-1-48.1WellsvilleCo Rd 28Ceglia, PaulX
15-1482Willing265.-1-13.1Wellsville3465 Jack Bridge Rd.Koch, Patricia E
15-1511Willing292.3-1-5Wellsville482 St. Rt. 19Tascone, Joseph
15-1519Wirt (V)247.14-1-7Bolivar-Richburg340 Co. Rd. 34 West Notch Rd.Gaines, Frederick W