Tax Sale Leftovers

Tax Sale Leftovers


Leftover Sealed Bid Form


Leftover List as of 6/1/17 

Does NOT Include
2017-18 Village/School

15-85Town of Alma262.6-1-195827 St Rt 417481$ 308.002137.72
15-201Town of Amity185.-1-12.434698 Plumbottom Rd314$ 308.0052.14
15-215Village of Andover216.14-2-86Maple Street220$ 183.001543.07
15-250Town of Andover216.-1-77Baker St Ext314$ 308.00144.34
15-536Village of Canaseraga34.19-1-4118 Bennett St314$ 308.00567.44
15-539Village of Canaseraga34.20-2-341 Main St484$ 308.001868.24
15-824Town of Friendship182.11-2-3725 N Maple Ave210$ 183.003968.3
15-835Town of Friendship182.7-1-4139 Queen Ann St210$ 183.001532.38
15-1290Village of Wellsville239.9-1-25161 E State St210$ 183.00578.22
15-1291Village of Wellsville239.9-1-24157 E State St210$ 183.00542.2
15-1320Village of Wellsville238.16-2-78King St (Off)311$ 308.00718.46
15-1321Village of Wellsville239.9-1-37249 E State St311$ 308.001082.41
15-1322Village of Wellsville239.9-1-32213 E State St311$ 308.001442.56
15-1379Village of Wellsville238.11-1-54135 Howard St311$ 308.003051.29
15-1383Village of Wellsville238.16-2-4479 Clark St312$ 308.001248.09
15-1386Village of Wellsville238.11-1-4N Highland Ave330$ 308.000
15-1387Village of Wellsville238.11-1-2N Highland Ave311$ 308.000
15-1511Town of Willing292.3-1-5482 St Rt 19210$ 183.001749.61

All bids must be submitted with 10% of bid or $150, whichever is greater.

Bid deposits must be in the form of cash, certified check, or money order. NO PERSONAL CHECKS

** Successful bidders are responsible for the bid amount, filing fee, 2017 T&C tax and 2017-18 Village tax (June),

if applicable and will become responsible for all taxes beginning in 2017-18 School taxes (Sept.).

Terri L. Ross, Allegany County Treasurer

7 Court Street, Room 134

Belmont, NY 14813

(585) 268-9289