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Schumer Helps Secure Major Deal with Ge to Position Lufkin-rmt Plant for Redevelopment; After Senator’s Urging Ge Will Donate Lufkin Facility to Allegany County

Schumer: Community Can Now Breathe New Life Into Wellsville Plant

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today announced that General Electric (GE) agreed to donate the Lufkin Facility to Allegany County’s Industrial Development Agency. In addition to donating the plant, Schumer secured a commitment from GE to prepare the facility for light manufacturing capabilities. Schumer said this would help Allegany County attract a variety of companies to purchase the facility and eventually invest locally by creating new local jobs.

“GE heard my call to ‘be part of the solution’ loud and clear, so I couldn’t be happier that they are donating their facility to Allegany County. This deal gives Wellsville the fair shot they deserve to attract new companies, pursue different kinds of economic opportunities and hopefully create new jobs and reinvigorate the regional economy, ” said U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer.

Last month, Schumer elevated county’s request and went straight to the top by urging GE’s CEO, Jeff Immelt, to work with local officials to come to a deal that will put the Lufkin-RMT plant in Wellsville in the best position for future development. Today, Schumer announced that Mr. Immelt had heeded is call and would be working with the County on a path forward.

During the phone conversation, Schumer urged Mr. Immelt to work with Allegany County to better position the facility for future investment by turning over the plant to the local IDA, something the County had requested. Schumer, cited the importance of not letting the plant sit vacant and deteriorating for years, made a personal call to the CEO of GE to advance the County’s effort. Conversations with GE and Allegany County began at Schumer’s request, which had been ongoing for several weeks.

“The Allegany Industrial Development Agency thanks GE for the donation of GE the Lufkin facility in Wellsville and Senator Schumer for working to make this happen,” said Craig Clark, Executive Director of the Allegany County Industrial Development Agency. “We see the Wellsville facility as a great opportunity to attract another advanced manufacturing company to the county through the ACIDA.”

In August, GE announced it would close its Lufkin-RMT plant, which manufactures and refurbishes oil field equipment. Schumer explained that community residents and county officials will hopefully soon see this deal as a new chapter for the former GE facility.