County Officials Meeting Minutes County Budget Local Towns Comprehensive Plan

(Front)Aaron McGraw,  Philip Curran,  Debra Root, Curt Crandall, Judy Hopkins, David Pullen, Mike Healy
(Back) Kevin LaForge, Charles Jessup, Tim O'Grady, Karl Graves, Dwight Fanton, Norm Ungermann, Scott Burt, David Decker,

Chambers: County Office Building, Belmont, New York
Telephone: (585) 268-9222
Board Meetings: 2nd and 4th Mondays, 2:00 p.m.

Chairman: Curtis W. Crandall Belfast, NY
Vice Chairman: Dwight R. Fanton Wellsville, NY
Clerk of the Board: Brenda Rigby Riehle Belmont, NY
Journal Clerk: Sarah Decker Fillmore, NY
County Administrator: Tim Boyde  
County Attorney: Thomas A. Miner Houghton, NY
Majority Leader: Mike Healy Fillmore, NY
Minority Leader: Kevin LaForge Wellsville, NY
Emergency Interim Successor: Charles Jessup Alfred Station, NY

Towns: Angelica, Belfast, Caneadea, Centerville, Granger, Hume, Rushford  Village: Angelica

Crandall, Curt 28 Sherman St  PO Box 183 Belfast, NY 14711 585-365-2372 (h)    716-372-1717(b)  716-268-9446 (f)
Hopkins, Judith D. 11038 Rt19A Fillmore, NY 14735 585-567-8974
Pullen, Esq., David T. 21 Minard Street, PO Box 182 Fillmore, NY 14735 585-567-8354 (h)   585-567-2222 (b)   585-567-2221(f)

Towns: Amity, Clarksville, Cuba, Friendship, New Hudson, Ward Villages: Belmont and Cuba

Healy, Dwight M 4979 Starvation Hill Rd Belmont, NY 14813 585-268-5644 (h)
Decker, David A 9314 County Road 7 Cuba, NY  14727 585-968-8409 (h)
Ungermann, Jr. Norman G. 8917 Ungermann Rd Cuba, NY 14727 585-968-1790 (h)

Towns: Alma, Bolivar, Genesee, Independence, Scio, Willing, Wirt Villages: Bolivar and Richburg

Burt, Scott R. 3876 State Route 19, Scio NY 14880 585-593-5158 (h)
Fanton, Dwight R. 2347 Fulmer Valley Road Wellsville, NY 14895 585-593-5683 (h)
Root, Debra A 5569 Wolfspring Rd., Scio, NY 14880 716-498-4303 (c)

Towns: Wellsville and Andover  Villages: Wellsville and Andover

LaForge, Kevin S.
PO Box 425 Wellsville, NY 14895 585-808-9525 (h)   585-593-1084 (f)
O'Grady, Timothy
Wellsville, NY 14895  
Graves, Karl 2495 Lewis Road Wellsville, NY 14895 585-593-0525(h)   585-610-7286 (c)

Towns: Alfred, Allen, Almond, Birdsall, Burns, Grove, West Almond  Villages: Alfred, Almond, Canaseraga

Curran, Philip B. 5431 County Rd. 12 Alfred Station, NY 14803 607-382-1065 (w)
Jessup, Charles O. PO Box 42, 863 St. Rt. 244. Alfred Station, NY 14803 607-587-8802 (h)
McGraw, Aaron M. 1296 Randolph Road Alfred Station, NY 14803 607-382-8158 (c)