Meeting Minutes

Allegany Affordable Government Group

Chairman: Kevin LaForge
Committee Members: 
J. Adams, C. Jessup, K. Dirlam, Darwin Fanton, R. Oakerson, Brenda Rigby Riehle, Terri Ross

Building Security

(Sub-Committee of Public Safety)
Chairman: Karl Graves
Committee Members: Healy, McGraw, Decker

Heroin & Opioid Abuse Ad Hoc Committee

 (Sub-Committee of Human Services)
Chairman: Hopkins
Committee Members: L. Ballengee, M. Biddle, M. Carbone, J. Chaffee, M. Chamberlain, M. Damiano, L. Haggstrom, C. Ivers, K. LaForge, W. Penman, B. Riehle, R. Root, J. Tomasi, A. Buchholz, V. Grant, G. Muscato, T. O’Grady, C. Zenoski

Land Bank

Chairman: Kier Dirlam
Vice Chairman: Tim Boyde
Committee Members: D. Scholes, D. Fanton, M. Cook, B. Loucks, J. Joyce


Planning Board

Chairman: Lee Gridley
Vice Chairman: Aaron Dale Foster
Committee Members: P. Vandyke, W. Emrick, J. Roederer, J. Gorton, J. Stoltzfus, L. Kaminski, J. Ninos, V. Perkins, B. Fanton

Public Safety Sub-Committee