Meeting Minutes

Allegany Affordable Government Group

Chairman: Kevin LaForge
Committee Members: 
J. Adams, C. Jessup, K. Dirlam, Darwin Fanton, R. Oakerson, Brenda Rigby Riehle, Terri Ross

Board of Health

  April 5

Board of Legislators

Chambers: County Office Building, Belmont, New York
Telephone: (585) 268-9222
Board Meetings: 2nd and 4th Mondays, 2:00 p.m.

Building Security

(Sub-Committee of Public Safety)
Chairman: Karl Graves
Committee Members: Healy, McGraw, Decker

Committee of the Whole

Facilities and Communications

Chairman: David Pullen
Vice Chairman: Charles Jessup
Committee Members:
Graves, Ungermann, Fanton, McGraw, Root

May 3   June 7   July 5
January 4   February 2   March 1   April 5

Heroin & Opioid Abuse Ad Hoc Committee

 (Sub-Committee of Human Services)
Chairman: Hopkins
Committee Members: L. Ballengee,
M. Biddle, M. Carbone, J. Chaffee, M. Chamberlain, M. Damiano, L. Haggstrom, C. Ivers, K. LaForge, W. Penman, B. Riehle, R. Root, J. Tomasi A. Buchholz, V. Grant, G. Muscato, T. O’Grady, C. Zenoski

Human Services

Chairman: Kevin LaForge
Vice Chairman: Dave Pullen
Committee Members: Burt, Decker, J. Hopkins, Jessup, O’Grady, Root

Land Bank

Chairman: Kier Dirlam
Committee Members: LaForge, Healy, Fanton, Boyde, Scholes, J. Budinger, Ross


Chairman: Tim O’Grady
Vice Chairman: Deb Root
Committee Members: Curran, Decker, Fanton, Pullen

Planning Board

Chairman: Lee Gridley
Vice Chairman: Dale Foster

Planning and Economic Development

Chairman: Deb Root
Vice Chairman: David Pullen
Committee Members: Healy, Jessup, J. Hopkins, LaForge

Public Safety

Chairman: Phil Curran
Vice Chairman: Mike Healy
Committee Members: Burt, Hopkins, LaForge, McGraw

Public Works

Chairman Dwight Fanton
Vice Chairman: Aaron McGraw
Committee Members: Curran, Decker, Graves, Hopkins,


  July 5   July 10
March 27   April 5   May 17   June 21
January 4   February 2   March 1   March 13

Resource Management

Chairman: Judith Hopkins
Vice Chairman: Dwight Fanton
Committee Members: Graves, McGraw, O’Grady, Ungermann

Special Budget

Sub-Committee of Ways & Means
Chairman: Curtis Crandall
Vice Chairman: Kevin LaForge
Committee Members: Curran, Fanton, Healy, Root

Special - Consolidation & Efficiencies Ad Hoc Committee

(Sub-Committee of Planning & Economic Development)
Chairman: LaForge
Committee Members: Adams, Alger, Clark, Dirlam, Edwards,
Heineman, Herman, Jessup, Oakerson


Ways & Means

Ways & Means
Chairman: Charles Jessup
Vice Chairman: Dwight Fanton
Committee Members: Curran, Healy, Hopkins, LaForge, O’Grady, Pullen, Root



Public Safety Sub-Committee

  April 5   May 3   June 7