Sheriff’s Office


Lt. Shawn Grusendorf

A.C.T.R.T. (Allegany County Tactical Response Team)

The purpose and goal of the Allegany County Tactical Response Team is to assist local law enforcement and the citizens of Allegany County with emergent or possible emergent crisis situations such as the execution of high risk arrest/search warrants, active shooter issues, hostage incidents, securing crime scenes, search and rescue operations and felony traffic stops in Allegany County. The team is currently comprised of eleven (11) Deputy Sheriff’s, four (4) support staff and one (1) Police Sergeant from the Town of Cuba Police Department.

Narcotics Unit

During the year 2016, members of the Allegany County Sheriff’s Office assigned to the Narcotics Unit conducted investigations into the sale and trafficking of narcotics, marijuana and other dangerous drugs within Allegany County, as well as other criminal investigations. These investigations resulted in the adoption of 99 cases, 95 of which were drug related and 4 were other criminal investigations. Of these 99 cases, 55 were Felony level offenses, 28 were Misdemeanor level offenses, 12 were Violation level, and 4 were “other” investigations. ACSO Investigators arrested 22 people in 2016, resulting in a total of 60 different charges placed against these 22 people.

Marijuana eradication efforts by members of the Narcotics Unit during the year 2016 resulted in a total of 380 marijuana plants being seized from the Allegany County towns of Almond (215), Andover (103), Wirt (35), Friendship (25), and Hume (2). The total potential street value of the marijuana seized is estimated at $380,000.



The Civil Division is currently comprised of one Supervising Lieutenant, one Deputy Sergeant, one Deputy and one Civilian Clerk.  The division managed several changes in the New York State Civil Practice Laws and Rules which are continually updated and revised by the New York State Sheriff’s Association legal counsel and continues to train, educate and practice a level of professionalism that has been recognized across the state.

The Civil Deputies perform all Division duties in accordance with the New York State Civil Practice Laws and Rules. Deputies are certified by the New York State Sheriff’s Association. In 2016, there were 1,214 services including 43 evictions, 128 orders of protection, 29 subpoenas, 554 summonses, complaints, petitions and family court processes and 460 income/property executions. The Civil Sergeant and his Deputy cover both the day shift (8am-4pm) as well as the evening shift (4pm-12am) Monday through Saturday allowing for the efficient and successful service of all documents and to provide a professional and courteous service.

Marine Unit

The Sheriff’s Marine Division is comprised of 9 full-time Deputy Sheriffs who are all certified N.Y.S. Boater Safety Course instructors and N.Y.S. D.E.C. certified Marine Patrol Officers. The assigned officers patrol Cuba and Rushford Lakes comprising a total of 4 square miles of water surface. The Marine Patrol works with local communities in an effort to educate the boating public on the rules, laws and regulations of the N.Y.S. marine law. Currently, the Marine Division operates two watercraft and two Jet-Ski Patrol Units. Deputies conducted 399 hours of patrol on the lakes where they performed 44 vessel inspections in an effort to ensure boater safety. Deputies assisted 6 boaters with vessel rescue, maintenance issues and the rescue of errant vessels.

The Sheriff’s Marine Division is dedicated to the safety of all county residents and those out-of county persons who choose to visit both Cuba and Rushford Lakes. The emphasis of the Marine Patrol is the education of the boating public so as to maintain a high level of safety and security for all those on the water. Deputies realize, accept and understand the importance of community concern and customer service, all the while balancing the requirements of both local and New York State Marine Law.


Court and Building Security


The Allegany County Court Security Unit is now comprised of seven deputy sheriffs and one supervisor. One deputy is assigned to each judge and/or magistrate to provide security and prepare the courtroom before each case to ensure a safe and organized environment for all court participants.  Additionally, deputies are assigned to courtroom lobbies to maintain order and to assemble litigants and their attorneys for scheduled proceedings.

At the main entrance of the County Courthouse and the County Office Building, there is a magnetometer to detect metal objects on persons entering the facility.  Also, an X-ray machine is used to display the contents of purses, handbags, briefcases and any other containers capable of concealing contraband.  In addition, the deputies assigned to the entrance assist people in locating the appropriate courtroom and/or office to conduct their business.  At times, court deputies will assist with escorting prisoners to and from court appearances.  Court deputies execute criminal and civil warrants as well.

During the year 2016, the Allegany County Courts were open for 250 work days.  There were a total of 98,014 people screened by court/building security personnel. On average, 392 people passed through the magnetometers per day.


Building Security for the county complex is currently conducted by a single deputy responsible for the personal safety of over 370 employees on 3 separate campuses. The deputy responded to 448 calls for service in 2016 including 12 arrests, 17 court transports, 26 assists to outside agencies, 265 assistance calls for the county clerk’s office, 15 assists for the probation department, 13 medical responses and assisted the general public with 20 lockouts. They are responsible for the patrol of all parking lots and supervises the day to day activities of public vehicular and pedestrian traffic while doing business at the county complex. Their professional, reliable and prompt response to all calls for service can be considered a direct reflection of the high level of safety and security enjoyed by county employees, as well as the general public while working or visiting the county complex.

The addition of the new security post and elevator at the entrance to the County Office Building (adjacent to the Health Department) has added to the complexity of securing the complex.


Also there currently is a single Deputy assigned to the Department of Social Services, who responded to 71 calls for service in 2016 including, 12 personal alarm tests, 1 alarm responses, 42 security escorts and 5 arrests. They are responsible for the safety and security of over 150 county employees and also monitor the high flow of public, vehicular and pedestrian traffic that visit the Department on a daily basis.

911 Dispatch

Head Dispatcher Randy Swarthout

The 911 Division employs 15 full time and 9 part time Emergency Service Dispatchers (ESD’s).  The 911 Center received 91,273 calls for service for both emergency and non-emergency situations and created over 53,000 CAD/incident reports.

The 911 Center is also the primary contact point for all SPCA complaints (284) in the County along with the after-hours contact point for the county Health Department and Child and Adult Protective Services for the Department of Social Services.

The dedicated staff of the Sheriff’s E911 center continues to strive for excellence.  All calls are handled in a professional and courteous manner and all radio traffic adheres to strict department protocol.  All Emergency Service Dispatchers are trained to the highest standards available and continually critique and expand their dispatching abilities.