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Probation Payments

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Interested in a career in Probation/Community Corrections? Educational requirements are as follows:

  • Probation Officer – Minimum B.A. or B.S. in
  • Behavioral Sciences /Human Services
  • Probation Assistant – Associate’s Degree
  • Clerical – High School Graduate


A Probation Staff consists of the following:

  • Director of Probation
  • Probation Supervisors
  • Senior Probation Officers
  • Probation Officers
  • Probation Assistants
  • Support Staff

For More Information Contact us at: Allegany County Probation Department

Duties of a Probation Officer:

  • Supervision
  • Criminal Courts
  • Adult Supervision
  • Adult Intensive Supervision
  • Adult Sex Offender Treatment Program
  • Local Conditional Release Program
  • Youthful Offender Supervision
  • Conditional Discharge Supervision
  • Family Court
  • PINS Supervision
  • Juvenile Supervision
  • Juvenile Intensive Supervision Program
  • Juvenile Sex Offender Treatment Program
  • Juvenile Arson Prevention Program
  • Investigations
  • Criminal Courts
  • Pre-Sentence Investigations
  • Pre-Plea Investigations
  • Family Court
  • Pre-Dispositional Reports
  • Juvenile Delinquent and Persons in Need of Supervision
  • Custody Reports
  • Visitation Reports
  • Neglect/Abuse and Family Offense
  • Investigations

Intake Diversion Unit
This Unit has jurisdiction over all matters that fall within the scope of the Allegany County Family Court. Probation Officers also assist applicants with filing petitions in various family and child related areas. This includes areas of Custody, Visitation, Support, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Delinquency and Persons In Need of Supervision.

Probation Officers handle a high volume of diverse and complex cases which, to some extent or another, may reflect a mental health disorder, violence, family dysfunction or chemical dependency.

Alternatives to Incarceration Programs
Pre-trial Release Program – This program is handled by a Probation Assistant. The Pre-trial Release Program objectives are to screen all pre-trial detainees in the Allegany County Jail within 24 hours of their detention (within 72 hours if committed on the weekend) to determine eligibility for release under the supervision of the Pre-trial Release Program. This provides defendants with access to services that will stabilize their situations and insure appearance in Court, and to provide community based supervision when ordered by the Court.

Community Service Program – This encourages the Courts to use Community Service sanctions in accordance with a local policy that relates Community Service sanctions to periods of incarceration for which it is to be substituted. It closely monitors offender performance through regular work site or offender contacts and reports back to the Court the results of all placements, promptly notifying the Courts of all clients who fail to perform required community services.

Electronic Home Monitoring (E.H.M) – The principal purpose of the Allegany County Probation Department Electronic Home Monitoring Program is to provide a degree of restriction, which is less severe than incarceration yet more punitive than existing alternatives. Additionally, the use of electronic home monitoring helps reduce jail overcrowding in Allegany County and it will allow the offender to remain a fully participating family member, to maintain employment, attend school and participate in appropriate counseling. This program is also used as a component to the Allegany County Pre-trial Release Program, Juvenile Intensive Probation Supervision Program.

All officers routinely alcohol and drug test offenders as ordered by the Courts. Officers also conduct “surprise” home visits to offenders to ensure compliance with curfews and other probation conditions.