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Allegany County Board of Elections
6 Schuyler Street
Belmont, NY 14813
585 268-9406 Fax

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 Michael J. McCormick, Commissioner


 Richard G. Hollis, Commissioner


  Barbara Broughton,
Deputy Commissioner
Phone: 585 268-9295

   Marcy Crawford,
Deputy Commissioner
Phone: 585 268-9294


Office Hours:
Monday- Friday

Mission Statement:
The Allegany County Board of Elections is responsible for the honest and efficient operations of all National, State, County, City, and Local elections in our County. The Board insures that all eligible County citizens are offered an opportunity to register and vote; to maintain a complete and accurate voter file of all the registered voters in Allegany County area; to insure that the integrity of the balloting process is maintained throughout Allegany County; to enforce all provisions of the New York State Election Law.

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