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 Mike Hennessy, Director

Jackie Merrick, Assistant Director

6085 St. Rt. 19N
Belmont, NY  14813
  Phone: (585) 268-9387 or 268-9388
Fax 585-268-5921
Hours: 8:30am - 4:00pm


There is a new means Calendar Year 2002 Means Test for Veterans to see if they have to pay the co-payment.  See Service Officer for details.

 Head injury has been linked with depression decades later.  A study of WW II veterans shows a greater degree of depression some 50 years after WW II for those veterans who suffered a head injury.

The Bath VAMC has a number of programs designed to ease the caregiver ‘s burden and help the veterans and their families.  These programs include:
   The Home Based Primary Care Program (HBPC)- Provides primary healthcare in the home of the severely disabled veteran.  For more information call Gay Weaver (607) 664-4535.
   The Respite Program offers relief for the caregivers who sometimes need a break from the stress of providing 24 hour care for the veteran.  For more information call Mary Ellen Little (607) 664-2111, ext. 1347.
   The Adult Day Care Program (ADHC)- This program is designed for sick veterans who live at home.  For more information call Bruce Tucker (607) 664-4513.

 The 107th Congress passed PL 107-103 (HR1291) Dec 27, 2001 which includes in Section 502 the following provision:  Government markers for marked graves at private cemeteries.

Guardsmen and Reservists will have protection for their health care if they are called up for our current all-out war against terrorism. 
Employees are entitled to maintain continuous health insurance coverage within their employer’s  policy for up to 18 months. 

Did you know that parents whose child died in-service or from a service-connected disability, may be Entitled to DIC if they are in financial need. 
 Parents may be biological, step, adopted or loco Parentis.  See our office for more information.

If you are a  holder of the Purple Heart, your co-payment  is waived!  You still must pay the $7 for prescription drugs.




 Social Security Administration: or fraud hot line at 800-269-0271.

Consumer Response Center at 877-432-4357.

U.S. Postal Inspection Service at 800-372-8347.

VA Grave Information 1-800-697-6947

 GI Bill 1-888-442-4551

 Toll free to Congress: 1-877-778-9001 and ask for your elected official by name.

 Social Security Administration  1-800-772-1213 

Veterans Service Center at Buffalo VAMC – 1-800-532-8387, ext. 8888

 Educational Service Officer 1-888-442-4551

 VA Home Loan 1-800-827-0336

 For TRICARE  INFORMATION  1-888-999-5195

VA BENEFITS  1-800-827-1000

The VA insurance is located in Philadelphia, PA at 1-800-669-8477.

To find if your bond has stopped earning dividends call 1-800-478-2663

The VA has setup an education benefits information line, dedicated exclusively for the purpose of providing help and information on its education benefits. The number is 1-888-442-4551.

The VA’s Center for Veterans Enterprise is assisting veterans who own or want to start their own business .  The Website is or call toll free 1-866-5842344.

U.S. Savings bonds sometimes stop earning dividends at the end of its life.  To find if your bond has stopped earning dividends call 1-800-478-2663 or



 Veteran Search at

 Searching for old military military friends? Try

 National Archives website

 A new Social Security Planner may be found through the Social Security Administration home page at

 Searching for a military reunion:

 data-base of real estate for sale by owner:  www.fsbo.cpm

 another job-site:

 wealth creation:

 Republic of Korea War Service Medal: or 1-800-558-1404

 Web Site for active duty soldiers:

 Web Site for long-lost high school friends or forgotten shipmates at:

 Web Site for NYS jobs:


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